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      Is Your Agent Sharing the Cost of Your Promotion?

         Matthew Wilson •  Principal, WilsonBritten Real Estate • 29 November 2017   3 minute read   At what point does a homeowner cease paying for the promotion of their home and start paying for the agent or agency’s local profile? Matthew Wilson, from WilsonBritten Real Estate, takes a look at this ongoing debate and gives us some insights into Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA).    In recent years we have seen the emergence of upfront vendor paid advertising: this is when the owners of the property pay upfront on day one of selling their home, for things such as professional photography, floorplans, photo signboards and expensive internet advertising. In days gone by this practice was not uncommon for properties that were going to auction, however the trend seems now to have moved to sales under private treaty (when a home is advertised for a set price).   Whilst it’s not unreasonable for the owner t...

      Considering a Sea Change?

        Mark Millington  •  Sales Representative, WilsonBritten Real Estate • 15 August 2018   3 minute read 09-02-2018 |Buying Lifestyle   Now that the kids have left home you have two choices related to real estate – sit in the emptiness and silence, and perhaps revel in it, or seize the opportunity to create a brand new version of your life. Don’t underestimate such a change; it can be challenging and the significance of a huge chapter of your life coming to a close should not be ignored. But then again, it should also not be mourned for too long. Now could be the time to hit ‘refresh’, and for many a ‘sea change’ or some version of one, is the perfect solution.The key word here is change. Part of the solution to managing the transition from family life to the next stage involves changing the way your life was lived before. If your life previously revolved around the children ...