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      Landlord Information


      When it comes to managing properties, what sets Wilson Britten apart from the rest ?

      We manage our properties using the Specialised Task Management model. This model identifies the key areas involved in the management of a property and assigns each of these areas, in our case, to four individuals. There are many and varied benefits to this model that result in stability and consistency in the management of all our landlord’s properties.

      Having previously operated in a more traditional management style we were finding that when any issues arose, the first task that went by the wayside was routine inspections, followed by rent arrears control and then repairs and maintenance. With the Specialised Task Management model, we manage the key areas with task specialists, covering leasing, routine inspections and repairs and maintenance.

      Leasing Officer: focuses on leasing our Landlord’s properties with duties that include the marketing of the property, showing the property/open homes, checking and approving applications and executing the lease. With several years’ experience, our Leasing Officer is able to readily identify and match the ‘right’ tenant with the ‘right’ home.

      Inspections Officer: focuses solely on routine inspections so it doesn’t matter what issues may come and go, our Inspections Officer continually organises and carries out routine inspections, without distraction. A wealth of experience has provided our Inspections Officer with an exceptional eye for detail and expertise in building relationships with our landlords and tenants.

      Repairs and Maintenance: the third area of expertise lies with our team member who manages the day to day demands of property repairs and maintenance. An expert when it comes to knowing who to call when work needs doing plus the skill in liaising with landlords and tenants; we appreciate the professionalism this member bring to the team. Chasing overdue rent is another well-managed task carried out by this team member. Landlords can rest assured that we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to looking after their property on a day to day basis.

      Senior Property Manager: At all times our senior property manager, Debra Johnson, oversees the team and deals with property management accounts and landlord payments. She also works alongside Matthew Wilson, our Principal, with the ongoing training of each individual in their role.

      Experience and expertise, coupled with regular professional development ensures each team member perfects their skills and truly becomes a Specialised Task Manager. With Wilson Britten, our landlords can rest assured that the ongoing management of their property is always in safe hands.